Monday, March 1, 2010

Matthew Browndorf

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There is nothing quite as impressive as dimming the lights at the beginning of a hearing, rolling out the screen and presenting your case, including the examination of witnesses, using images projected onto the screen. By utilising the software that I have highlighted in this article, lawyers are able to provide a much more streamlined, efficient and cost effective service to their clients, particularly in those cases which are large document matters.

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Mathew Browndorf

To do this you will need the software. Bryan Cave prefers a single-user licence, as the software will generally be used in a courtroom, arbitration, conference room or other forum. Examples of such software are Trial Director by inData Corp and IPRO by IPRO. The hardware is a little more complex. Although the courts in the UK aim to fit courtrooms with the necessary audio-visual equipment that will allow you to simply plug in your laptop, Bryan Cave’s preferred solution is outfitting yourself with a portable presentation system that enables you to setup anywhere, anytime.

Mathew Browndorf Details One possibility is that the technology is used in a different and possibly more visible manner in the US than in the UK. Indeed, unlike the UK, the typical case in the US takes place in front of a jury and the use of technology is undeniably a good way to explain difficult concepts in an accessible format.

Mathew Browndorf Details Browndorf PEM today announced its desire to provide SpeechPhone, LLC ( with funding options in both debt and equity upon launching its new Fund. Matthew Browndorf, Managing Director of Browndorf PEM, provided, “SpeechPhone is a phenomenal technology and the space is extremely hot right now. Moreover, its management team headed by Michael D. Metcalf is fundamentally strong.”

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